The Prince and The Pauper – Double Trouble


Classic CG animated specials - 16 x 9 HD

Mistaken identities make for a remarkable adventure as Tom Canty, a poor beggar boy, swaps places with Prince Edward, the heir to the throne, in this new animated version of the much loved story. An extraordinary turn of events brings the two boys face-to-face and they are amazed to discover that they look absolutely identical. Deciding to have some fun, the boys swap clothes and identities. Double Trouble ensues when the disguise works too well and the real prince is forbidden to return to the palace and an astonished Tom finds himself about to be made King of England! Jiffy Jester, the wise-cracking court jester quickly realizes the truth and it is up to him, with the help of the dashing Miles Henson and a cantankerous donkey, to save the throne from the evil Lord Hartford before the wrong kid is crowned!

The Prince and The Pauper – Double Trouble © 2007 41 Entertainment Ltd