Tarzan and Jane


Action Adventure

Created by Avi Arad and Story Edited by Alexandra Bland and based on the acclaimed Edgar Rice Burroughs classic, baby Tarzan is rescued from a plane crash by the gorilla, Kala, and brought to a Shaman who treats Tarzan's injuries with a mix of native medicines and experimental science - saving Tarzan's life and giving him supernatural animal powers in the process. Kala raises Tarzan in the jungle with help from the Shaman and a village boy named Muviro. During which time, Tarzan uses his wits and jungle know-how to protect animals and people from poachers, hunters and other nefarious threats. As a teenager, Tarzan is discovered by an expedition team from London, paid for by his billionaire grandfather. As part of this expedition, we meet Jane, who becomes an integral part of Tarzan’s life and in the stories to come, and later we discover an equal match. Becoming fast friends, Tarzan introduces Jane to the natural wonders and beauty of his jungle home - but due to a series of mishaps, Tarzan is returned to London and learns of his Greystoke family history. Enrolled in boarding school, Tarzan is reacquainted with Jane, already a student, who assists in navigating him through the challenges of high school and adjusts to life in the "urban jungle" of London. It is there that Tarzan and Jane uncover a villainous crime syndicate that threatens to put the environment and countless lives - human and animal alike - in danger. It is up to them to discover who is behind this criminal enterprise and stop them once and for all! (28 languages available)

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