Tarzan and Jane - Best Friends in the Jungle


Preschool / Bridge

TARZAN and JANE are six-year-old best friends who live in a rainforest jungle in Africa.

Tarzan, a blue-eyed Caucasian boy, has lived in the jungle for as long as he can remember ñ the rainforest is his home and the gorillas are his family. Tarzan feels loved and protected by his community of apes and African animals; he doesnít wonder or worry about why heís a human boy who lives in the trees and has a gorilla for his mama. (And since Tarzan doesnít worry about his origins, neither will we.)

Jane, a green-eyed Latina, has lived in rainforest jungles for as long as she can remember due to her fatherís career. Jane spent her early years going on trips to the LacandÛn jungle in Chiapas and the family has moved to the Amazonian Basin and now the Congo River Basin in Africa. Although Jane has hopped around place to place, she loves the adventures and new people that she continues to meet. Plus, even though she has never had one location she calls home, she has always felt loved and protected by her doting father.

Tarzan and Jane have been best friends since the day they met and, albeit they have many differences, Tarzan and Jane also have a lot in common ñ including the very rare and wonderful ability to talk to any animal they meet, including their two animal amigos ETTA, the Elephant, and OLLIE, a Monkey. Although Tarzan, Jane, and our viewers can hear and understand the animals, our duo are the only ones who can converse with the animals ñ other humans just hear real animal noises.

The animal equivalent of human three-year-olds (with the same natural curiosity and complete lack of impulse control) Etta and Ollie are mischievous and rambunctious tag-alongs ñ the pair has a super-sized case of hero worship for Tarzan and Jane and want to follow them everywhere ñ and very often ending up in situations that require help (lots and lots of help) from their human pals.

The four besties share a love of music, led by Jane. A skilled guitarist, Jane can often be seen carrying a small 8-stringed chaquiste jarana guitar, a gift she holds very dear as it was given to her by her mom who passed away. Because of this connection with the guitar, Jane is always ready to strum a tune at a momentís notice! Tarzan, a natural percussionist, can turn almost any surface into an improvised drum.

With their love of music and their unique ability to talk to the animals, itís only natural that Tarzan and Janeís adventures are filled with music, animals, and musical animals.

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