Stone Age



Welcome to ROCKVILLE – your average town where people live in stone houses, mow their lawns every Saturday and keep their gardens fresh and well tended…a happy and healthy suburban lifestyle.

But there is something a little bit different about Rockville – you see, this town exists in the….STONE AGE!

T-Bone Rex, Stella Stone Age, Neddy Neanderthal, Billy Brontosaurus, Camilla “Cammy” Bedrock, and that annoying little brother Little Rock Rex, are, without a doubt, the hippest nine year olds ever to walk the Stone Age. Of course, we can’t leave out their nemesis, the way too rich for her own good (her father’s wealth is estimated at five million pebbles), Rochelle Rockefeather. And while these kids may have lived a very long time ago, things weren’t really all that different.

Sure, many of the grown-ups they interact with are dinosaurs, but life for a kid living in the Stone Age involved all the things that matter today. They have their IPODs (rocks with a singing frog inside), skateboards (wheels made of uneven stones because the wheel hasn’t been invented yet), video games (played with real rather than electronic dinosaurs that are actually inside the TV) and musical instruments that look a whole lot different than today’s variety. But at the end of the day – make that at the end of the era - kids are kids, and our kids know how to have a good time. We think you will too when you visit the …STONE AGE!

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