Shooting Star

16 x 22’


Shooting Star is a kick-ass young-adult saga of Light versus Darkness told through two extraordinary high school Atlanta girls who are chosen by a celestial being to receive cosmic powers. On one side is SERENA SHEPHERD, brilliant, beautiful, a leader always ready to help. Serena is the Light. On the other side is ZARI AZEVEDO, fiery, accomplished, but mean and has no problem punishing people around her. Zari reveres her “mean girl” title. Zari is the Darkness. In circumstances as noted in the treatment, Serena sacrifices herself to save Zari. The results lead to Serena becoming the superhero SHOOTING STAR, sent to Earth with a mission to change humanity while Zari, on the other hand, is occupied by a teen alien sent to retrieve those powers and becomes ECLIPTICA, leader of a gang of supervillains.

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