Preschool / Bridge

Where do superhero kids – and their super-powered pets – go to learn to use their powers and save the day?



SMASH is a one-of-a-kind sleepaway camp located on Lake Sebastian in Bavaria, Germany where four amazing kids with superpowers – STREAK (St Petersburg, Russia), ROCKET (Cape Town, South Africa), FLARE (Milan, Italy) and VITÓRIA (São Paulo, Brazil) – are preparing to become the next generation of superheroes. And their super-powered dogs – FELICITY, LIGHTNING, BLAZE and RIO – are training to fulfill their destinies as superhero sidekicks. At the center of this super heroic action team is MEI LIEN, a clever and charismatic mechanical genius from Guangzhou, China. Mei Lien is the Camp SMASH equivalent of James Bond’s “Q”, and even though she doesn’t have superpowers, this Super Camper is super smart, and she’s constantly inventing customized vehicles and accessories for her teammates – often with the help of her mechanical pet, a puppy-like A.I. named “PING”.

There are also special programs for exceptional young scientists, musicians and artists from all over the world. The camp offers lots of fun activities, from canoe races to group hikes, camp songs and campfires, but the best part is when the campers – and their pups – transform into pint-sized superheroes who battle the silly supervillain, Doc Damage, in a series of exciting-not-scary, superhero adventures with gadgets and all-terrain vehicles.

Welcome to Camp SMASH where these superheroes-in-training, and their super pet sidekicks, all learn to work together, become great friends and POWER UP, TEAM UP, AND SAVE THE DAY.

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