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Kong- King of the Apes (26 x 22`)

It’s 2050 and the future looks bright for San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island since its transformation into the most impressive Natural History and Marine Preserve on the planet. But when the star attraction suddenly goes ape and KONG becomes public enemy number one, the villain that framed him is free to unleash an army of gigantic robotic dinosaurs on the unsuspecting world. Ironically, Kong is the only force formidable enough to stop these super-powered dinosaurs and the evil genius manipulating them. 

Join our heroes as they venture throughout the world and beyond! Their journey will take us from the redwoods, to the artic, and even to a preserved prehistoric underworld where real live dinosaurs roam the land, pterosaurs soar, and giant insects still exist - all in an effort to save humankind and avoid being captured in the process!

© 2016- Kong- King of the Apes LLC- All rights reserved

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