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Super Monster (20 x 11`)

Welcome to Pitchfork Pines Preschool – where the children of the world’s famous (and not so famous) monsters come to learn to be the best people, and the best monsters, they can be.
Drac, Cleo, Lobo, Katya, Zoe and Frankie are preschoolers with dual identities – they’re humans in the day and monsters after dark. 
That’s why this preschool starts each day at the end of the day – because when the sun sets these little preschoolers shimmer with magic and giggle in delight as they transform into SUPER MONSTERS! 
Drac becomes a vampire, Cleo’s a mummy, Lobo’s a werepuppy, Katya’s a witch with a magic wand and a blue cat by her side, Zoe’s a little zombie with big brains, and Frankie turns into a super strong, preschool version of his famous stitched-together grandfather, Frankenstein’s Monster. 
Guided by their teachers, Igor and Esmie, the Super Monsters will experience many (comical) attempts, mistakes and failures before they successfully master their superpowers – and learn the social skills they need – so they’ll finally be ready for kindergarten!

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