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Mermaidens (13 x 22`)

Discover the fantastical undersea world of MERMAIDENS, where four courageous teenage mermaids must use their newly acquired superpowers – along with the help of their enchanted seahorses – to defend and protect their world from the villainous sea monster, KRAKEN, and his beastly henchmen.

Mermaidens follows the adventures of WAVERLEE, JIA, ZOEY and PRISHA as they embark on heroic adventures and epic battles against the evil villain, Kraken, an enormous squid-like sea beast who has crawled out from darkest depths in his quest to find and destroy the legendary HEARTS OF THE SEA.

Concealed within underwater volcanoes and protected by ancient magic, the Hearts of the Sea are mystical, enchanted coral that send light and life into the Undersea. Without the Hearts, the world’s oceans would be plunged into darkness.

Kraken and his monstrous minions are creatures of the dark, formed in the hydrothermal fissures in the darkest depths of the sea floor and destined to live out their existence within its hyper-heated blackness. But, Kraken is not content to stay within the dark boundaries of the deep, he wants to control all of the Undersea. Before he can conquer the seas, Kraken must first extinguish the magic that fills this world with light and life.

Kraken is on a mission destroy the Hearts of the Sea – and it’s up to the Mermaidens to stop him and save their world!

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