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Supernatural Prison (8x44')

Supernatural communities of vampires, shifters, fey, magic users, and demi-fey are among us, hidden in plain sight. These supernatural communities are hiding and protecting SUPERNATURAL PRISONS that hold the most dangerous supernatural criminals… criminals that are Dragon Marked. According to legend, the Dragon Marked will together help  the rise of the dangerous Dragon King who died thousands of years ago. It’s because of this fear, that the Supernaturals have locked up or killed any born with the mark, or so they believed…

JESSA LEBRON, a wolf shifter, and daughter of the alpha, learns shortly after her twenty second birthday that she not only has a sister named MISCHA, but she is her twin and that was raised in the human world by their mother who abandoned Jessa and her father shortly after their birth. The twins soon learn that they were both with the Dragon Mark and are in grave danger. Out of character with the Dragon Marked, Jessa’s mission is to prevent the Dragon King from returning.

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