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Superhero Pets (52x7')

SUPERHERO PETS™ follows the adventures of six four-footed friends with superpowers – ANDRÉ a cat with invisibility powers, HOUDINI a mind reading hare, CRYSTAL a shapeshifting cat, FELICITY a flying dog, LIGHTNING a super smelling tortoise, and YUKON a dog with a supersonic bark. 

Like other superhero teams, the Pets have superpowers, spandex costumes, and secret identities; and, in classic superhero form, they use their powers to swoop in and save the day. However, unlike traditional superheroes, the Superhero Pets don’t just want to save the day – they want to save the criminals, too!  Of course, they must catch them first… which means there’s always plenty of exciting, age-appropriate superpower action in every episode – and lots of kid-centric comedy, too.

Welcome to Kastleburg, an idyllic metropolis that has something for everyone – from the Old Town Square with quaint shops, cobblestone streets, and a majestic castle where the King and Queen of Kastleburg live, to a modern day downtown filled with high rises, and a city park with walking paths, park benches, and shade trees.

Every episode of SUPERHERO PETS™ begins with Charlie, our 11-year-old pet walker, picking up the six ordinary Pets from their homes. As each of the Pet’s owners leave for work, they hand their Pet’s leash to Charlie as she goes around the neighborhood to pick up the Pets for the day. A brief comment from an owner or a passerby will frequently provide the first hint of where the day’s adventure will lead and the problem they will solve. 

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