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Superhero Summer Camp (52x7')

Ever wonder where the children of famous Superheroes go to learn their powers?

Welcome to SUPERHERO SUMMER CAMP™, the one-of-a-kind sleepaway camp where the children of legendary superheroes are spending the summer learning how to call up – and control – their familial superpowers. 

SUPERHERO SUMMER CAMP™ offers a variety of traditional camp activities, camp songs and campfires, but the best part of camp is when these curious campers transform into mini-versions of their famous super parents including Sparkman™, Silver Streak™, and Torpedo™ – SPARKS calls up and controls electricity, STREAK has super speed, ROCKET flies as fast as a rocket, CY turns into a twisting tornado of turbo power, FLARE shoots laser beams from the palms of both hands and TORI has super strength.

Working together, these six superheroes-in-training are having fun and making friends, as they practice their powers and prepare to POWER UP, TEAM UP, and SAVE the DAY.

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