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The Mini Musketeers (52x11')

All for one and one for all”

…never goes out of style!

Everyone knows The Three Musketeers. Those swashbuckling buccaneers of honor and derring-do have captured the imagination of audiences for over a century.  But there are still stories of adventure and intrigue to be told…starring a lovable new group of heroes.

Introducing THE MINI MUSKETEERS™  , an animated action adventure series that puts a new twist on a classic tale for the junior generation.

Aimed at boys and girls, 4-7, these 11-minute stories are designed to excite and spark the imagination of preschoolers and older siblings alike. The older end of preschool opens opportunities for slightly more sophisticated storytelling, while staying true to the important social-emotional themes that put heart into every adventure. 

The series focuses on the big and small adventures of REMI, LEO, PIERRE and AIMEE; the four young nieces and nephews of their famous uncles.  These Mini Musketeers live together in the royal palace where they are training to serve and protect King Louis and his kingdom. And, given that Louis is a 5-year-old handful, serving and protecting him is a unique challenge indeed!

Under the supervision of their teacher, Monsieur de Tréville, their days involve showing King Louis how to be a good role model to his subjects, exciting training exercises preparing them for any challenge, and embarking on helping adventures in the King’s palace and throughout the kingdom in hopes of one day being just like their idols, the Three Musketeers.

While they may be descendants of legendary heroes, they’re still just kids. Their training often goes awry and rescuing the King from a royal blunder almost always leads to even bigger problems.  But with the supervision of their teacher and the occasional involvement of one or all of the original Musketeers, the Mini Musketeers are discovering that every day can be a royal adventure, and every mistake is a lesson waiting to be learned. 

It’s important to note that the Mini Musketeers are not just pint-sized versions of the originals. While they each share a touch of their respective uncle’s character, they are true individuals who are not only learning every day how to be adventure heroes, but how to also be kind people and loyal friends. That, of course, is the most heroic adventure of all! 

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