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The Mini Musketeers (26 x 11`)

THE MINI MUSKETEERS™ follows the adventures of REMI, LEO, PIERRE and AMY, four fearless, adventurous six-year-olds who are the nieces and nephews of their famous uncles – The Three Musketeers!  Our heroes are training to become members of the legendary Mousquetaires de la garde – the elite fighting force that serves and protects the French King, KING LOUIS XIV. But when we first meet King Louis, he is in fact a timid little six-year-old who is so shy that it is hard to imagine how he will ever become brave enough, wise enough, and confident enough, to rule one of the largest empires in the world. Louis is isolated because of his position, doted on by his widowed mother, coddled by the courtiers, and spoiled by the palace staff. Unfortunately, not everyone adores the little King, and he’s an easy target for the castle bully – a jealous seven-year-old named Millie who pretends to be so sweet and nice, and totally “devoted to dear Louis” whenever any adults are nearby. But Millie enjoys secretly tormenting the young monarch whenever she can get away with it. From itching powder in his bedsheets, to sabotaging his riding britches right before his first royal equestrian exhibition, Millie delights in slyly undermining the fledgling King’s confidence. But all of that is about to change – because the pampered, pint-sized King is about to get the one thing he truly needs – a group of friends to call his own.  “All for one and one for all!”

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